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What's it been, 3 years now?

2010-07-05 06:31:51 by Roaltyx

Hey there kiddies guess who's back!?
Keep your eyes peeled on the portal over the next few days, I have a little feeling you might be pleasantly surprised ;)


Anyone remember this chump?

What's it been, 3 years now?

Alright, I guess it's time to clear up a few things about that SXG series that I keep getting seemingly endless PMs and emails about, so I've decided to hold somewhat of a final Q&A flash movie thing (Yes, I'm aware kirbopher did the same thing with TTA).

I'll answer any questions that you guys can think of, along with what was conspired to happen in episode 15 along with seasons 2 and 3.
I'll be writing up all of the commonly asked questions myself, but I'll need you guys, the fans to send in any questions you've ever had or still have about the Sonic X Games series.

Send the questions to along with your username or name that the question is from.
I'll try to answer all of the questions sent in to me, but if too many come in, I'll have to cut some of the lesser ones.

I'll most likely be recording it sometime in the next week or so with my co-star and ass kicking buddy, Spectre412 and possibly my lil' bro Cyber415.

Thanks for readin'


I am absolutely appauled!

2008-11-11 05:11:20 by Roaltyx

Hey there everyone, i'm not normally one to make news posts about current events, so this is a first for me. But i seriously cannot resist talking about this particular subject, having experienced it many a time in the past.

I was sitting down to watch the news when a story came on about a guy about my age, maybe a bit older who was beaten up severely by another prick at his school for absolutely no reason, it was all caught on film and the poor victims jaw was broken in 2 places and he had to miss a lot of school in order to recover.
When he got back to school, he was expecting that the bully would have been long gone, but guess what? The bastard was still at school, after only receiving something like a 3 week suspention!
i absolutely cannot believe that the school didn't take greater action to this, in most cases that i've experienced, kids like the bully aren't going anywhere in their life, so they don't need to be at school, so they find suspention actually fun!

I'm still baffled at why the kid wasn't thrown out on his ass the moment the school saw the VIDEO OF THE WHOLE INCEDENT.
In fact, the school is reccomending that the victim, NOT the perpitrator moves schools, because there is some bullshit going on about how the bully has had some tough times and has trouble making friends in a new environment, well what i have to say about that is this:
Fuck the little bastard and send him to hell, if he's SOOO bad at making friends as it is then why doesn't he stop picking on kids and actually give a shit about his life?
They had this guy on the news that was being questioned about it, but it seemed like this guy couldn't give a flying fuck about how much physical and psychological pain this poor kid had endured, he even seemed to support the school's desicion!
But the worst part is, HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO DESERVE IT!!!

I've seen this happen many other times in the past, and the only way these bullies are going to be dealt with is if someone stands up to them, like i had to do countless times at my 2 other schools.
Fortunately the school i'm at now is great and there are no bully problems whatsoever.
I wish the school council would open their fucking eyes, use their fucking common sense for once, and for goodness sake, boot that bully out on his arse, or it's just going to keep happening all over the country!

thanks for reading, feel free to flame all you like, but i just had to get this off my chest

SeRv0z Put on hold for a bit

2008-09-02 23:06:38 by Roaltyx

Hey there all, just posting this to tell you that SeRv0z's going to be pushed back on my priority list, possibly even off it (assuming this new project goes well).

If you're wondering what my new project is, my good friend darkmikey of and i have teamed up on a game project, i can't actually say much more for the sake of idea theft because we're still rather deep in the development process, i don't even want to reveal the name because of that reason, after i spent a lot of time thinking it up.

what i can tell you is this:
it will be a fast paced RPG adventure game with cartoony graphics and totally SICK coding
once we get a decent gameplay engine going, we'll release a demo version to NG and also a trailer on youtube for the game, both with links to the original site game
it will feature anthropomorphic animals in chibi style, all completely hand drawn by yours truly
there will be some totally awesome gimmicks such as a mirror shield and grappling hook, just to name a couple.
there will hopefully be a full story mode

and there is no release date as we have only just started coding and animating it

thanks for understanding (or not)

Wanna be in SeRv0z?

2008-08-07 04:46:11 by Roaltyx

If you want a cameo in my new series SeRv0z, just slog an email my way at
I only need ONE picture of your character so that i can re-draw it in my style and add it to the background of one of the episodes if i'm ever in need of a crowd or just random BG guys.
You will be credited in the credits, but don't bother trying to get into this series as a main character, the main cast will be similar to the original SXG and the only way you'd get in is if you know me IRL, as an MSN buddy, or as a VA of Beta tester.

And don't wase your time asking to be a beta tester, VA's are a maybe, but i'd prefer to do VAing with people IRL so it's a waste of time on your behalf, but if the need arises then i'll let y'all know if i need VAs

thanks, oh and by the way, we have a logo now!

Wanna be in SeRv0z?

SXG Remake - SeRv0z

2008-08-02 08:38:18 by Roaltyx

Hey there everyone
In case you haven't heard or noticed, the first season of SXG is pretty much dead, due to my getting a new computer and losing most of the resources of SXG. also seeing as how i don't really do sprites anymore and have been getting more and more into drawing i'm going to do the thing that all crappy animators like myself do at one point in their life - recycle the same thing again!
Except i'm going to be redoing SXG totally, with new characters, vector art, new names, staying true to the original SXG storyline with longer battles and some small differences here and there
hopefully this one will have a conclusive ending.

Questions are welcome, and hatemail? Why not

PS. No - The super forms will not be returning, well as far as you know kekeke...

Really cool RP forum

2007-11-11 22:30:55 by Roaltyx

This is a forum me and my friend found a couple of nights ago, it is a really cool forum and it would be really awesome if you're reading this and you join it, i'm gonna be Rping a lot and if you've wanted to get to know me better, then here's your chance
this'll sound like bribeing but remember, i put my friends in SXG (figure it out yourself)
thanks guys

btw heres my character below

Really cool RP forum

SXG super form explanation

2007-09-24 01:06:32 by Roaltyx

For those of you that are wondering about the super form witnessed in episode 10,
Roaltyx transformed because Taylor and Roaltyx's emotions were in complete sync (a lot like the full synchro from the battle network series)
normally a character won't have much of a free will in the terms of emotions but they generally tend to feel the same as their player and feel friendships between fellow characters and relatives, like humans do.

Roaltyx is cyber's brother and spectre's friend
Taylor is miller's brother and nick's friend

Seeing the horrible scene before him was enough to snap his normally easygoing persona
roaltyx felt the same way as Taylor did and so - their emotions were perfectly in sync, creating a mass of energy, triggering the super transformation

That is generally how super transformations work, below is a chart explaining

SXG super form explanation

SXG's storyline

2007-08-31 00:18:38 by Roaltyx

In case you haven't watched episode 1 or if you just don't understand what it meant.
It is the year 2160 and plant earth is ravaged by nuclear warfare... There are a few countries safe from the war, shielded by electromagnetic forcefields. Scientists have designed a new way of life for everyone, in the form of a virtual reality game, where everyone is symbolized by a hedgehog, echidna, fox or some other kind of animals, because animals are not involved with war and the like.
The technology is so advanced that the console can detect human emotions, and their characters grow in strength as their emotions grow, such as anger or grief.

The main character, Roaltyx and his Brother, Cyber415's parents divorced 2 years prior to the events in SXG. Roaltyx went with his father - a drunk with a gambling addiction and Cyber went with their mother - a rich lady, the owner of a country club.
The story begins just after Roaltyx purchased his copy of the game and hasn't seen his bro or mother for a long time, feeling alone in his life, he thought if he made some friends online, he might have a reason to live.
Little does he know that he is part of something much greater than a simple game...

Ep13 will be put on hold

2007-08-30 04:09:01 by Roaltyx

As i am currently animating a piece for a collab
please dont bitch
thanks all